Obama rally: Indianapolis

I didn't get many good pics. I arrived at 10 a.m. -- he was supposed to start at 11 but didn't arrive till almost noon. Just standing there in one spot for two hours played havoc with my lower back. Then a cheer went up ... but it was Evan Bayh. Who introduced ... some lady who had lost her health insurance. Finally Barack took the stage to wild cheering, but I must say the excitement had nearly worn off for me by then. His speech was a pretty harsh and political, not a lot of uplifting stuff, just the tit for tat argument of these final days.

What was uplifting was seeing 36,000 white people and black people in Indianapolis getting together, talking, laughing, dancing together to the nice selection of tunes. It's a pretty segregated city. You go a block here, a block there, and all of a sudden everyone is a different color. But not that morning. I hadn't seen such unified multiracial action here before. Hopefully that was just a taste of the cultural shift, the racial healing that's coming for the entire country. And Indiana is not used to mattering in elections. It's been 44 years since it has voted for a Dem for president, but polls here right now are tight as a tick. I asked my dad, a lifelong Republican, who was going to win Indiana. "Obama will," he said.


Ian said...

I was near the stage for the 100,000-person St. Louis rally last weekend. Even got to shake the man's hand during the rope line! (Volunteering is the new black.) I put together this photo essay:


I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos. I am a writer (barely), not a visual artist type.

Trevor Jackson said...

Ian, great pictures. I liked the shot and story of the mechanical riser for the photographers getting shots of the crowd. Must have been weird and distracting to see that thing going up and down throughout.

Jane said...

Really moving photos, Ian and Grendel. I would love to have been able to make it to a rally.

Is anyone else as deathly afraid as I am that there are going to be attempts on his life? (Maybe even before the election, a la Bobby Kennedy?)

God forbid.