A proposal

Let's do a photo essay on Election Day here at Earth Goat.  Whether you're voting that day or, having responsibly voted early, just going about your daily business, post photos of what's going on where you are -- lines at the polls, people with their campaign buttons*, etc.  Goats are all over the place, and it would be nifty to pass the time until the polls close by seeing what's going on all around this beleaguered (but possibly hopeful) nation of ours.

In election-related news, my brother sussed out that my mother voted for Obama.  This was in question since she voted for McCain in Texas's open primary.  But, whoa, she HATES Sarah Palin.  And she claimed my father is sitting out this election -- he doesn't like McCain/Palin but can't bring himself to vote for a Democrat.  I consider that a victory.

*Apparently, wearing campaign-related garb and accessories counts as "electioneering" in some states, so put that button in your pocket or turn your shirt inside out when you go to the polls.

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Grendel said...

Great idea. Count us in!