Come on, it's just a little piece of plastic

I sent my friend Ted this link, and he wrote back, "That is, without any question whatsoever, the most fulfillingly blasphemous thing I have EVER seen." I don't see the big deal! I mean, I think they sell these over at the Mustard Seed Cathoilc store over on Dodge and Church.


El Gordo de Amore said...

Strangely enough, I feel a little bothered by this thing.

I think I finally understand how my Kirkwood Evangelicals felt when I said, "Do you think we would have had Christianity if Jesus had lithium?"

Being genuinely appalled is kind of a new sensation for me.

I may like it.

Brando said...

Nothing says "you've got issues" like a religious butt plug.

Pete said...

If I recall, the same site offers crucifix dildoes. Whatever. It's just another way for people to feel naughty without actually doing anything. It's kind of like a novelty t-shirt.

All the same-- if I were upset with it, I think it would have more to do with sticking a baby up one's ass than sticking christ up there.