G.B.V.R.S.V.P.R.I.P., Part II

Besides the aforementioned saving of my sanity and spirit, this is why I love Guided by Voices:

From Pitchfork:

"Having disbanded the legendary Guided by Voices with a massive sendoff at Chicago's Metro venue on New Year's Eve, the self-proclaimed "king of indie rock," Robert Pollard, has announced plans to enter a whole new arena. Who out there likes to laugh!
Yes, to tide fans over before the pending release of his first proper post-GBV solo album, From a Compound Eye, Pollard has issued a vinyl-only comedy album in the vein of Elvis Presley's novelty classic Having Fun With Elvis on Stage. Poorly titled Relaxation of the Asshole, the LP consists of "Bob's best routines and bits" (read: stage banter) recorded live between songs during his tenure with Guided by Voices, and features such golden memories as "Funk Zeus", "What a Mother Does for Her Son", and "Is There a Grandfather Clause for People Who Need a Cigarette Really Bad?". The funny stuff is available now via Bob's freshly launched official website."

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Brando said...

El Gordo,

You beat me to my GbV punch! I believe America's drunkest band will be on Austin City Limits at 11:30 p.m. this evening, on PBS. Double-check your TV listings to be sure. Modest Mouse is on the show, too, I think.