If you have to scroll down to see Contributors

It might be because you're using Internet Explorer as your browser. In Mozilla Firefox, a much better and free browser, everything on Earth Goat appears at the top, as God intended. Firefox is more secure, too, so you should switch for a few reasons. Plus you get to leak market share away from Micro$oft and hand it over to the cooler people at Mozilla. I changed the look of Earth Goat to see if it helped bR see the Contributors up top, but it seems they still appear at the bottom of the blog in Internet Explorer, and now I like the new look and don't want to change it again.

You can download Firefox here.

I'm curious -- is anyone using a Mac? Are the Contributors and Recent Posts at the top or bottom of the blog?


ian said...

I use a Mac, with Safari as the default browser, and everything looks as intended, assuming that new electric green design scheme is intended.

segall said...

On Safari, things are bottom. On Mozilla, they are top. Why the phrase Maczilla has yet to be unveiled baffles me. Beats Macfox. Or Firemac. Maybe MozIntosh.

Grendel said...

Well, that blugeons my bunions. Only thing I can do for the unmozillaficated is shorten how much appears on the main page. Was 14 days of stuff, now it's 6 days' worth, so you won't have to scroll as far.

Getting Mozilla Firefox remains the preferred remedy!