Guided By Voices, RSVP

As the dorkmeisters among us are sadly aware, the late, great GBV has called it quits. I thought this horrible fact deserved a posting, considering I spent several happy hours rubbing against the sweaty, beer-covered bodies of Brando, Grendel, Ben Doyle, Iceberger/BomberCrasher, the Two Joshs, Marlowe, Lump, etc., etc. enjoying the lo fi-hits and phazed cookies of America's premier band of the cursed, the lost, and the drunk.

And, in all seriousness, when I wasn't sure if the Poops and Lump were going to make it out of the hospital, these guys (and five pitchers of beer) literally saved my life.




Brando said...

Yes, El Gordo and I caught GbV twice at Gabe's "A Little Dirty for an" Oasis. The second time -- summer 2004 -- they were extremely drunk and sloppy. But I was also drunk and sloppy myself, which allowed me to achieve a perfect harmonic convergence with Robert Pollard. It was also the closest I've ever gotten to An Artist I Worship, as I was right in the front. It was also The Closest I've Ever Come to Losing My Hearing, as I was also right next to the stage right monitor. My ears rang for three days. But if the last thing I ever heard was the sweet notes of a perfect two-minute pop song...well, I'd consider it the aural equivelent of dying during sex.

Grendel said...

It was also the first time I ever saw a man (El Gordo) say he was going to get a beer, come back with a full pitcher, nod to me, and start drinking from it.

TLB said...

I am a scientist - I seek to understand me
All of my impurities and evils yet unknown
I am a journalist - I write to you to show you
I am an incurable
And nothing else behaves like me

ian said...

Brooke and I both tend to break into "Kicker Of Elves" for no apparent reason, especially in the morning, before we've had our coffee.