Welcome to Earth Goat

Hello and thanks for stopping by. I created this blog for 2003 Workshop grads and their significant others and pals and others in Iowa City who still hang with them to keep in touch, and exchange ideas, news, thoughts, grudges, peeves, philosophy, memories, plans, and complete and utter bullshit. What inspired me is Babies Are Fireproof, a blog by and largely for 2004 grads. If you haven't seen it, by all means have a look. It's a terrific, lively read. I often peruse it and sometimes post replies, but really it's focused on that class. I figure if they have one, so should we.

Besides, a lot of us fanned out and lost touch right after graduation, and this is a great way to keep a sense of cohesion and community -- as well as find out what people are up to, who's published what and who's writing what. I thought we had a great class and it saddens me that those days feel like they are fading away. Let's bring them back and get reacquainted. Let's have a kind of salon here.

Please start posting whatever you like. And spread the word to anyone who graduated in 2003.

workshop in snow


El Gordo de Amore said...
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Grendel said...

Alex, why did you remove your post?! It was hilarious.

When do you reach your Jesus Year? When and where does Modest Mouse play?

Jane said...

Nice to see the class of 2003 stepping up to the blog plate.

You're always welcome to pop over to Babies are Fireproof anytime, to enjoy amusing lists and political action ideas from Sarah Rogers, heady literary debates between Ian Chang and Pete Coco and Earle McCartney, and wacky pictures from Japan from Grant Sheppard. With occasional appearances from one of your own, the esteemed Becky Johns-Trissler. And, of course, Grendel himself. (Rather, Grendel's owner)

Re. your graduation comments, Corbin -- you're right; Iowa really does feel more and more like a dream. And I'll say this much about that: dreams can be nice, even helpful and enriching in ways. But being awake is almost always better.