Kerouac's famous "On the Road" draft on display at UI Museum of Art through March

The Press-Citizen has the scoop on the Scroll's visit to Iowa City. Notice Frank says the work has been "canonized" but offers no thoughts on the book itself. I read it in one long, feverish session and loved it. I was 18, so it was talking directly to me. Dunno how I'd like it now. I would like to see this Scroll, though. Actually, I'd like to smell it.

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bR said...

While you're at the museum, check out the Iowa History in Maps exhibit. It disabused me of my notion that, after the ultimate demise of the American agricultural industry, the only people left in Iowa will be writers and wrestlers. There were people here long before the FEDs (that's your Farmers of European Descent) arrived, and I imagine there will be a significant population here long after they're gone. Turns out that sometimes home is home no matter where it is or what you do there.