Let's Get Some Chicks on The Paris Review!!!!

So ... since my Baby Mama is going to be out of town, I was cruising Prairie Lights for some suitable "lonely weekend" reading material -- and as I pondered my choices of soft-core porn (Maxim, Stuff, American Photography, Redbook), I discovered the new Dark Horse Lover of my lonely nights --

I bring you the cover of Biblical Archaeology!



Grendel said...

Wait a minute. Iron Age II lasted 414 years, and she finds one bead? You think she would be on that cover if she were wearing a baggy Rocky Mountain College sweatshirt? Hell, let's put Salome on the cover of the Bible! We'll sell a million!

El Gordo de Amore said...

I just like imagining the editorial conference on this one --

Editor One: Biblical Archaelogy is not selling as well as we hoped.

Editor Two: How can we change this? Stir interest? Get the kids involved?

Editor One: The Kids Love the Maxim! They Love The Stuff! They Love the Gear! We need a scantily-clad woman on the cover!

Editor Two: Genius! O.K., we can't afford Alyssa Milano -- You, dirty grad student intern! Take off that sweatshirt and get in the pit!

Editor One: And hold that bead like your boyfriend!!!

Editor Two: Hot! Hot! Hot!