Huck and Jim discuss Rep. McKinney

Some character named Wilbur on DailyKOS has put up a fairly funny diary called "Omigod, the Nigra Woman's outta Control!" in which Huck and Jim watch the "sat-a-lights dish" on their raft and try and figure out what's happening with this "nigra woman" who hit a policeman. I guess I've seen better Huck impersonations, but never one so timely. A snippet:

Jim shrugged. "Cynthia's a Nigra, already got some problems. But lookie here, any momma of a Nigra is going to tell her little girl, some white man grab you - then girl you got two choices. You hit back right then - or you gonna have nine pounds coffee with cream in jus' nine months - that's God's word."

Well this was too much, even from Jim. "You think this Cynthia, she scared she going to have a baby from this policeman?"

Jim shook his head like I don't know nothing. "It gets to be what they call in - grained." He pointed to his head. "Sometimes you got to fear everything, cause when you don't you jus' don't know what to fear."

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