May 4, 2006 (Thursday) -- Paradise City, the nationally touring Guns and Roses tribute band, is playing at the Yacht Club. I want to get tickets early.

Who's with me!?!?!?!!


Grendel said...

Alas, we'll be in Ireland! I know Tracy is truly disappointed.

gillymonster said...

Well, I suppose I have very little choice in the matter, addiction being what it is. Afterall,

I'm on the nightrain
Bottoms up
I'm on the nightrain
Fill my cup
I'm on the nightrain
Ready to crash and burn
I never learn
I'm on the nightrain
I love that stuff
I'm on the nightrain
I can never get enough
I'm on the nightrain
Never to return-no

dunkeys said...

I love how Izzy has a dinky little lead in Nighttrain and then Slash comes in and obliterates him. Wish I could be there, El Gordo.

SER said...

My best Halloween costume ever was when my college roommate and I went as Axl and Slash. I was Slash. I couldn't see very well.

Actually, maybe my best costume was the time I went as a uterus.