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Over the past few months, I've been adding links to the right-hand side of this site. Here is a run-down of some that might interest you, in case you never stray over there.

Bob Hillman (not really ever called Mr. SER but I would like the honor of being forgiven for doing so here, once) is playing tonight at George's after the Saunders reading. His site has a lot of info about him and his new album If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home. Bring extra money to George's tonight because when you hear him you'll want to buy the disc, which includes a song called "The Red Light District of Iowa City."

Frequent commenter Trevor Jackson's blog Creekside Review is a treasure trove of information on new bands and offers loads of mp3 files for download (see especially Special Features on the left-hand side). I hold him directly responsible for my need to finally buy an iPod, and for helping keep it filled with phenomenal new music.

Midwestern Deadbeat is chronicling the trials and tribulations of Squig & parents; Iowadrift relates the adventures of Rabbit, Urplet, and TTD from Mom's POV; Illiterati is a slice of TLB's life as a recently published novelist. All 2003/04 classmates.

David Byrne's Journal is fun to read, especially if you pretend it's being spoken by his voice as you do so. He updates it once a week or so, describing his thoughts on things like Mayan vacations, Bush's leadership, and a Neko Case concert where he lost his lens cap.

Rigorous Intuition is the place to go when you want to wonder at Jeff Wells's courage and ability to connect, think outside the box, and ponder High Weirdness and Deep Politics -- without quite ever going over the edge.

Seed Magazine provides some of the hippest science on the Web.

Reason Magazine somehow does the impossible. It analyzes political issues from a nonpartisan perspective.

Slashdot has been around forever and remains an amazing site about everything, written by semi-genius geeks.

Something Awful is something pretty funny. Neglect not its forums.


SER said...

I may be biased, but I thought last night's concert of the Bob Hillman Band was outstanding. It included his best improv of all time, and that's really saying something. It would be impossible to recreate, but let's just say it culminated in some speculations about what would ensue if Judas Iscariot were to appear at Prairie Lights.

Also, I'm the decider.

Grendel said...

The improv bit in "My Satanic Friends" was the very best musical improv I've ever seen/heard. The whole show was really terrific, but that was definitely the high point.

the plunge said...

Illiterati links to Iowadrift, too. Nice blogs, everybody!

the plunge said...

(I mean, in your post, Grendel).

Grendel said...

Oops. Thanks, p.