Why I Enjoy Being A Lawyer from Texas

As an Easter gift to you, here is a deposition video from Joe Jamail, Texas’s most prominent attorney.

For those of you not from Texas, practically everything at the University of Texas is named after Jamail (who, according to most accounts, was a C student). He made his name with the Texaco v. Pennzoil case, where he won an $11 billion dollar judgment by basically making fun of New York.

From an online book review: “The flamboyant Jamail (who collected a $400 million fee for his work, of which $50 million reportedly has been given to charities) was known previously, the author tells us, for such feats as convincing a jury that the City of Houston was negligent for planting a tree that his client ran into while drunk. Here, he won the verdict for his client, in part, by exploiting that shopworn clichĂ© of trial practice - the local good of boys versus the big city pinstripes. Is an oral agreement in principle a binding contract? Metaphorically shrugging, Mr. Jamail told the jury, "Sure looks like a deal to me." It worked like a charm.”

In the video, Jamail is the arm off to the right trying to take the deposition.


Grendel said...

This is primo entertainment.

"Why don't you keep your mouth shut and I'll do what I want."
"No you're not gonna do what you want."
"I'll make whatever objections I wanna make and I'll make 'em as loud as I wanna make 'em. Now you just shut your mouth and we'll keep the record straight."
"Don't tell me to shut my mouth, boah. You may be big, but you wanna see how bad you are, come on!"

chad said...

I defer to the lawyers, but is "fat boy" a legal term?

dunkeys said...

that is the coolest. I love all the guys in that tape -- except that big city Monsanto lawyer! Jerkface!

Chuck said...

Eerily similar to the last deacon's meeting at my church, the only difference being that, in Georgia, it's pronounced "sumbitch".

Grendel: I think "boy" is better than "boah".